Friday, March 23, 2012

Watch Astro Boy Series HERE at MJSToy's Blog

Episode 1: The Birth of Astro Boy
Episode 2: Astro Boy vs. Atlas
Episode 3: The Robot Circus
Episode 4: Saving our Classmate
Episode 5: Astro Boy vs. Atlas II
Episode 6: Robot Land
Episode 7: Frankenstein
Episode 8: Red Cat
Episode 9: Astro Boy vs. Atlas III
Episode 10: The Vehicle, White Planet
Episode 11: The Robot President
Episode 12: Damdam's Neck
Episode 13: Lightning Man
Episode 14: Tomboy Uran
Episode 15: Robio and Robiet
Episode 16: Adventure on Mars
Episode 17: SOS on the Space Shuttle
Episode 18: Astro Boy vs. Atlas IV
Episode 19: The Devil's Balloon
Episode 20: Pook in Cruciform Island
Episode 21: The Fool Ivan
Episode 22: The Robot Who Lied
Episode 23: The Girl from Alsore
Episode 24: The Biggest Robot on Earth (part one)
Episode 25: The Biggest Robot on Earth (part two)
Episode 26: Astro Boy vs. Atlas V
Episode 27: Major Operations by Black Jack
Episode 28: The Great Adventure of Little Robot Sam
Episode 29: Astro Boy vs. Atlas VI
Episode 30: Uran and Uran
Episode 31: Dash in a Storm
Episode 32: Cleopatra's Mystery
Episode 33: Astro Boy vs. Atlas VII
Episode 34: The Little Elephant Pura
Episode 35: The Secret of Bee Island
Episode 36: The Monster of Kuraken
Episode 37: Rumy in Pochom-pochom Island
Episode 38: Astro Boy vs. Atlas VIII
Episode 39: The Stolen Sun
Episode 40: Black Looks
Episode 41: The Devil Garon
Episode 42: Hurry, You Three Second-Rate Knights
Episode 43: Astro Boy vs. Atlas IX
Episode 44: Space Leopard
Episode 45: Uran's God
Episode 46: Space Airport R45
Episode 47: Spaceship in Imminent Danger
Episode 48: Jinmen Iwa
Episode 49: Uran Loves Hit Men
Episode 50: The Devil's Place in Ordin
Episode 51: Rage of the Sphinx
Episode 52: Astro Boy's First Love