Friday, March 23, 2012

2012 Lalloopsy Collection

Toffee Cocoa Cuddles™ was sewn from a chocolate box. She’s a sweetheart who’s always giving hugs. She loves candy, ruffles, and sending nice notes, but getting them makes her blush. She has a pet puppy.
Sewn on Date: June 11th (National Hug Day)
Prairie Dusty Trails™ was sewn from a cowgirl's vest. She's a rowdy buckaroo who's always ready to giddy up 'n' go! She loves square dancing, doing rope tricks, and riding off into the sunset. She has a pet cactus.
Sewn on Date: August 13th (Annie Oakley's Birthday)
Forest Evergreen™ was sewn from a Lumberjack's overalls. He's was once a rag doll who magically came to life when his very last stitch was sewn. He's a real outdoorsman, who loves climbing trees, stomping around in his boots, and pouring maple syrup.. on everything! He has a pet Beaver.
Sewn on Date: Sept. 26th
Coral Sea Shells™ was sewn from a swimmer's bathing suit. She's super-imaginative and she loves to pretend she's a real mermaid. Her favorite hobbies are swimming with the fish and eating seaweed salad. She has a pet blowfish.
Sewn on Date: March 22nd (World Water Day)
Pix E. Flutters™ was sewn from a real fairy's dress. She's a wishful-thinker who always looks on the bright side. She loves to float and flutter about and she thinks everything looks better covered in glitter. She has a pet firefly.
Sewn on Date: June 24th (Fairy Day)