Friday, March 23, 2012

Lalaloopsy Littles

Specs Reads-a-Lot™ was made from pieces of a school girl's uniform. She's a super-bashful, super-genius who loves counting things and collecting gold stars. Her favorite food is apples. She has a pet worm.
Sewn on Date: March 14th (3/14 is Pi Day and Einstein's Birthday)
Squirt Lil' Top™ was made from a pieces of a clown's costume. She's a performer and a bit of a showoff. Her best tricks are summersaults and juggling...but just one thing at a time. She has a pet peanut.
Sewn on Date: January 19th (National Popcorn Day)
Bundles Snuggle Stuff™ was made from pieces of an Eskimo's scarf. She's a real cuddle bug who loves eating icicles, making snow angels, and catching snowflakes on her tongue. She has a pet bear.
Sewn on Date: January 6th (Cuddle up day)
Sprinkle Spice Cookie™ was made from pieces of a baker's clothes. She's got a huge appetite and a serious sweet-tooth. Her favorite things are fresh cookies and licking cake batter from the bowl. She has a pet mouse.
Sewn on Date: May 15th (National Chocolate Chip Day)
Trinket Sparkles™ was made from remnants of a real princess' dress. She's a fancy girl who loves shiny gems, frilly dresses, and getting lots of attention. She has a pet kitten.
Sewn on Date: May 24th (Wear a Tiara day)
Pita Mirage™ was made from pieces of a real genie's veil. She's loves granting wishes and playing the flute, even though she only knows one note. Her favorite place to nap is her "magic" carpet. She has a pet snake.
Sewn on Date: August 11th (Play in the Sand Day)
Scribbles Splash™ was made from a painter's overalls. She super-artistic, and she loves to finger paint. Her favorite hobbies are mixing colors and making spills. She has a pet giraffe.
Sewn on Date: January 28th (Jackson Pollock's birthday)
Matey Anchors™ was made from a sailor's uniform. He's captain of the fastest paper sailboats on the sea and an expert doggy-paddler. He loves tying knots ...but he usually can't untie them. He has a pet crab.
Sewn on Date: July 1st (National Boating Day)