Thursday, April 14, 2011

NEW Lalaloopsy 2011 (1st Lalaloopsy Boy Doll)

 Welcome 2011 Lalaloopsy No. 13 Patch Treasurechest with Pet Parrot

Patch Treasurechest was once a rag doll who magically came to life when his very last stitch was sewn . He's a clutterbug who loves to collect shiny things. He also likes to travel, but he's terrible at following maps.

Introducing Patch Treasure Chest, the very newest Lalaloopsy doll and the first and, so far only, boy character in this line of dolls for girls. Patch Treasure Chest is a little bit of a clutter bug and enjoys collecting shiny things. Just like a real pirate, they're his treasure and he makes sure to keep his collection safe. Although Patch Treasure Chest really loves to travel, he's not very good at following maps and tends to get lost very easily. This can lead him into some fun and wacky adventures as he accidentally finds new places and meets new people. Always by his side is his stalwart companion, a pet parrot with green feathers and a read head crest.

Patch was born on September 19th, which be "Talk Like a Pirate Day" Matey, yarrr! His clothes were made from the scraps of a pirate's uniform, and with the final stitch that brought him to life he was endowed with the characteristics of piracy and adventure. He wears a black and red striped T-shirt with a jolly roger (skull and cross bones) on the chest. Underneath his T-shirt he wears a white, long sleeved undershirt. His pants are brown with two bulging pockets for carrying around the shiny things he finds, and his shoes are black and white sneakers. His hair is yellow and he wears an eye patch over his left eye.

So with this addition, all the fun that young girls have previously enjoyed with the Lalaloopsy dolls has been expanded in boy form, allowing girls and boys greater creativity in how they play. What young boy and some girls, after all, hasn't imagined themselves as a swashbuckling pirate on a quest for buried treasure? (source lalaloopsy dolls . com)